Prom Dress Code

February 1, 2017

Dear Parents,

With prom approaching in a few short months we understand that the students have already begun thinking about their attire. We are providing an outline of our prom dress code early in the year so that you have this important information before you make any purchases.

• Students are required to wear formal dresses, suits or tuxedoes to prom.

• Dresses may be backless as long as the dress is not cut below the navel.

• Dresses must not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh (natural fingertip length).

• Dress length must be mid-thigh (natural fingertip length), both in the front andthe back.

• Two-piece dresses/outfits are allowed provided that they do not expose any bare midriff both at the front and side

• Dresses may not cut lower than the bust line. Excessive cleavage is not allowed.

• Dress shoes must be worn.

• Canes, hats and bandanas are not permitted.

• Pants should be sized appropriately and should not sag below the hips.

• Shirts must remain buttoned up to the second button from the collar at all times.

• You are responsible for informing your guest about the dress code.

Prom is meant to be a formal and elegant occasion. We expect to maintain the integrity and formality of this evening by implementing this simple dress code. If students have questions regarding the attire they would like to wear to prom, they may bring a photo of the front and back of the outfit to the main office of the school for approval prior to purchasing their prom dresses or suits.

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