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Cardinal Spellman High School
Alumni Association

The Cardinal Spellman Alumni Association
 consists of over 5300 men and women who have graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School since it was founded in 1958.

The Alumni Steering Committee meets quarterly to plan and discuss annual events to be held for Spellman alumni.  If you wish to serve please contact: Heidi Garcia

The Role of the Spellman Class Agent Class Agents assist the Development & Alumni Office by providing advice with regard to reunions, activities, publications and services that develop and enhance alumni affinity for and connection to Cardinal Spellman High School. Class Agents foster relationships between alumni and Spellman, and assist in generating voluntary financial support for the school.

The Class Agent program stands at the center of Spellman's outreach efforts and is the backbone of the school's ability to raise funds through the Annual Fund. Class Agents contact classmates to request their involvement in alumni programs, reunions and fundraising activities.

Role of the Spellman Class Agent

  1. Serve as a Spellman "ambassador" by promoting the school, its mission and vision to fellow classmates, other alumni, parents and prospective parents.
  2. Contact classmates, renew friendships and update the Development & Alumni Office with information about your classmates' accomplishments for the Class Notes segment of Tradition Magazine.
  3. Work with the Development & Alumni Office to promote your class reunions (held once every five years, or more often), and help ensure maximum attendance.
  4. Recruit phonathon volunteers for the Annual Fund phonathon. A goal of five volunteers will ensure a successful evening or Sunday afternoon.
  5. Attend one (two, if possible) phonathon evening with your classmates.

Role of Development & Alumni Office in Supporting Class Agents

  1. Announce to Class Agents upcoming alumni events.
  2. Train Class Agents and volunteers on how to make calls during the phonathon.  
  3. Send letters to class at news of a classmate's death.
  4. Update the database with alumni info: address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  5. Collect/print pertinent news items (marriages, births, promotions) in the Tradition Class Notes.
  6. Assist in organizing class reunions.

Bylaws of the Alumni Association