drama medal

drama medal

The Robert J. McEwan Drama Hall of Fame celebrates the glorious history of drama at Cardinal Spellman High School and, at the same time, acknowledges the gift that so many of our alumni have been to the Spellman Drama Program.

We, as a school, are fiercely proud of the men and women who have been inducted into the Drama Hall of Fame.  In a variety of ways, these men and women have helped shape the history of our drama program and for that, the entire Spellman family congratulates each of them and thanks them for the role they have played in our history.

As we consider our unique drama program, we realize that we have a great deal for which to be thankful. We certainly salute Robert J. McEwan whose contribution to this program has unquestionably had a direct impact upon its continued growth.  We are also most grateful  to our alumni who continue to serve Spellman through their active involvement in the Alumni Drama Program.  We really appreciate all that you do and have done to continue our great Spellman drama tradition.


Madlyn(Gillespie) McPherson '66
Anthony O'Brien '77
Sandra (Williamson) Churchill '85
Rosemarie Carey '00

Rolly Bessette
Darryn Campbell “98
Sue Catalano
Russell Frizell ‘69
Tammy Genereux
Shannon Oriola ‘99
Mary Kelley Sullivan ‘74
Fran Whalen

Heidi Bessette Garcia ‘97
Darcy Campbell Lamond “94
Jon Lemieux ‘87
Judith Lalli Lynch ‘82
Mark Lynott
Ellen McDonough
Elizabeth Mari McEwan ‘95
Michael Molinrio ‘69

Jeffrey Burns ‘94
Daniel Cavicchi ‘73
Mary Colarusso Clark ‘84
Michael Ferguson ‘81
Judith Burns Kotta ‘75
Mark Muratore ‘75

Matthew Andrews ‘86
Kathleen Rodenbush Dupuy ‘71
Harlan Libby
Catherine Regan ‘78
Johanna Taylor ‘91

Jill Bessette Akins ‘94
Joseph Beck
Ann Zimarowski Crivellaro ‘68
Lisa Joyce Gelman ‘93
Heather McEwan Mandosa ‘94
Amanda Bruno Perrault ‘91
Thomas Strange * ‘78
Richard Warnock

Nancy Parcels *
Rita Tyrrell
Charles King ‘65
Frances DiPietro
John Connors ‘81
Sheila McCormack Child ‘84
Lynne Reinhalter Bongette ‘86
Mark Oliveira ‘92

Roger Stone ‘65
Dawn McLaughlin Payne ‘71
Diane Natale Lassonde ‘73
Suzanne Cassidy ‘86
Patricia Norris ‘91
Dorothy Lynch
Jon-Luc Dupuy ‘91
Mary Conroy Kiley ‘92

Joan Antonellis Carter ‘80
Celia Carey
Sean McGuirk ‘70
Nancy Oriola
Mary Parcels ‘87
Katherine Sklut
Linda Warnock
Louis DiPietro ‘89
Scott Fortier ‘89

Carol Wheland Beck ‘73
David Nadell ‘75
Donald Nadell ‘75
Donna Hughes McNutt ‘85
Gloria Lemieux
Janet Howes ‘81
Kevin LaVelle ‘87
JoAnn Joyce
Sharon Wallant Gleason ‘63
Vincent Macrina

Sister Eunice Fitzgerald CSJ
Susan Quinn ‘88
Joanne Hanson ‘74
Kate McGunnigle ‘77
Dorothea Delano Bessette ‘69
Claire Sheehan ‘78
Janet Nickley Madigan ‘72
Mark Silva ‘74
Charles Morgan ‘80
Michael Carter ‘80
Robert Henderson ‘71
Frances DiPietro
John Altieri ‘87
Paul Doherty ‘71
Roseann Gangell

Maureen Barnes ‘69
Dr. John McEwan ‘66
Jane Connor ‘65
Jane Condon Bartels ‘69
Todd Davock ‘83
Paul Antonelli ‘77
Joan LaVelle
Patrick Madigan ‘73
Sister Etheldrita Shay CSJ



Robert J. McEwan
Katherine Cassidy
Sister Kathleen McCluskey CSJ ‘65
Marguerite McEwan *
Dorothy McEwan *
Grace Leahy *
Janet McSorley ‘66
Charles Tobin ‘76
Virginia Buckley * ‘83
Burt Parcels
Diana Reinhalter

2006 Inductees

Congratulations Judith Burns Kotta '75, Jeffrey Burns '94, Daniel Cavicchi '73, Mark Muratore '75, Mary Colarusso Clark '84, Michael Ferguson '81 (in absentia), Mr. Robert McEwan.