Mission Statement


Cardinal Spellman High School

Excellence in Education, Rooted in a Vibrant Lived Catholicism, Inspiring Students to Maximize their Unique Potential as Learners and Leaders,
Serving their Community, their Church and the World.


Sequere Deum - Follow God

As a college preparatory school, Cardinal Spellman High School is dedicated to offering its students the opportunity to develop personal potential, to pursue truth in knowledge, to participate fully in worship of our Lord and to acquire the principles needed to live in society as caring citizens and followers of Jesus Christ.

Within a structured environment and a full curriculum of religious studies and college preparatory courses, Cardinal Spellman encourages students to develop their academic skills, to prepare for later studies and to value learning for its own sake.

The school's motto, "Sequere Deum" -- "Follow God", challenges all members of the school to compassion, community and service. These values, introduced at home and nurtured in school, come to fruition as students take their places as caring citizens of the world.

The Cardinal Spellman community – administration, teachers and staff – are called to embrace fully the three-fold purpose of a Christian education as described in the document "To Teach As Jesus Did" from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops: "Educational programs for the young must strive to teach doctrine, to do so within the experience of Christian community, and to prepare individuals for effective Christian witness and service to others. In doing this, they help foster the student’s growth in personal holiness and his relationship with Christ."


  • To offer our students a strong educational background, which, when combined with a desire to learn and self-discipline, will provide the necessary foundation for achievement on the college level.
  • To provide prayer and worship opportunities within the school community, calling one another to further develop their relationship with God and live Gospel values.
  • To foster within our students an awareness of their personal worth and dignity, and to develop an appreciation of and respect for the differences and diversity of others.
  • To encourage in our students a personal commitment to be responsible and contributing citizens.
  • To teach critical thinking skills as an integral part of intellectual development.