All students are required to take six (6) complete courses each year. In addition, on the freshman level, courses in Physical Education and Fine Arts are mandatory. On the freshman level, the administration and department chairpersons work together to design each student’s program. Qualified students are invited to participate in our Honors-at-Entrance program, which includes honors level courses in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Foreign Language. On the sophomore level, a course Health is mandatory.


Chairperson: Ms. Lauren Savoia

It is important that college-bound students understand and appreciate the unique contribution of the arts to society and that they develop aesthetic sensibilities through the study of one or more of the following: visual arts, theatre, music or dance.

The art department provides a program of elective courses for the college-bound students. The general aim of the art courses at Cardinal Spellman High School is to enrich the lives of the students and to develop their appreciation for beauty. Students are encouraged, guided, and given the appropriate tools to use their creativity, intuitiveness, and artistic abilities to the utmost.

Courses are planned to allow the students to achieve a measure of success according to their ability. They provide opportunities for self-expression through use of various media. The art history element implemented throughout all art courses promotes the students' ability to see a creative expression within a historical framework and to verbalize both a personal response and a critical assessment of it. For the student who is seriously interested in pursuing a career in art the program provides the skills and techniques for building the portfolio.


Mr. Tim Gannon, Chair

Mr. Nat Budd

Mr. Bill Donovan

Mr. Tom Lore

Ms. Maria Galvin

The study of English puts students in touch with works of power, beauty and imagination that speak across the centuries, from the Middle Ages to present day. Our purpose is to assist students in their journey, as they become more critical readers, more thoughtful writers, and more effective speakers. We read literary texts because literature is where the meanings are. So how do we get at those meanings? We teach students what imaginative works mean, by teaching how they mean, by teaching how meaning is embedded in form. Accordingly, we transmit the skills of interpretation. (James Simpson-Harvard University)

Four years of English are required with the expectation that the students will be equipped to: (1) comprehend, interpret and evaluate what they read; (2) write well‐organized, effective papers; (3) listen effectively and discuss ideas intelligently; and (4) know our literary heritage and how it relates to the customs, ideas and values of today’s life and culture.


Ms. Lyndsey Ballard, Chair

Ms. Lisa Briggs

Ms. Melissa Choate

Ms. Jane Connor

Mr. Paul Plonowski

Ms. Christy Rose

The mathematics department aims to provide each student with the ability to think critically, creatively problem solve, and look for patterns in our technological world. The department strives to develop courses that are designed to strengthen the student’s fundamental skills so that they will feel secure in their abilities to pursue their next level of learning. The mathematics curriculum is devised to reach a variety of levels as well as to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

World Languages

Mrs. Donna Holt, Chair

Ms. Glenna Caliendo

Mrs. Jean Donovan

Mrs. Kerri Galluzzo

Mrs. Rose Perry

Mrs. Patricia Woodward

The Foreign Language Department at Cardinal Spellman High School offers a four-year comprehensive program in French and Spanish. We offer students the opportunity to increase awareness and appreciation of other cultures by developing proficiency in another language. Students participate in an outstanding curriculum that provides practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills on a daily basis. All students are enrolled in a minimum of two consecutive years of a language at Cardinal Spellman High School, in order to meet graduation requirements. Colleges and universities recommend that students have a minimum of three years study of one foreign language; we encourage students to take four years, in order to be prepared for study at the most selective colleges.


Deacon Joseph T. Nickley, Chaplain

Mr. Jason Deramo, Director of Campus Ministry

Ms. Gail Douglas

Mrs. Catherine Demers, Chair

Ms. Natalie Woods

The Theology department aims to encourage, support, nurture and direct students to a more mature understanding of their Catholic faith.

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Document, "Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for Young People of High School Age".

Students of all faiths are welcome at Cardinal Spellman High School. The Theology faculty works closely with each student to foster their faith development.

Social Studies

Ms. Miranda Collins, Chair

Mr. Daniel Higgins

Mr. Daniel Davis

Mr. Steve MacDonald

Ms. Alison Masson

The Social Studies course offerings are comprised of global studies, American History and the social sciences. The goal is to foster students’ thinking, writing, and analytical skills to ensure that they are educated to become compassionate, insightful and responsible citizens of their communities, this nation, and the world. Christian ethics and morality guide students as they gain historical insights to enable them to develop universal understanding, respect and empathy for all people.


Mrs. Susan Davis, Chair

Mr. Eric Bernazzani

Mrs. Aimée Fitton

Ms. Brianna Murtagh

Mr. Paul Plonowski

Ms. Kellie Wilder

The science department courses offer students the opportunity to take classes concentrating on the biological, chemical and physical aspects of how the world works. Courses have been designed so that every student can learn at the level that bests suits their abilities, from College Prep level up to AP classes. Every science course has a hands-on lab component to develop the student’s thinking and analytical skills in a real world situation of cooperative work and learning.

Catholic teachings of morality and ethics guide our program of studies so student learning promotes knowledge of scientific fact with respect and understanding of Church teachings.

Three years of science are required for all students. Many of our students successfully go on to college to major in one of the sciences with the end goal of a career choice in the scientific field that most interests them. The sky is the limit for their future!

Technology Education and Computer Science

Mr. Paul Plonowski

The Computer Department aims to provide students with the skills to be able to use the computer for gathering information, organizing that information in a meaningful way, and communicating that information to others in a variety of ways. As our world moves further into an information and communication based society, we will prepare our students to be able to fully engage in such a postsecondary school setting.

Students will develop and master technology skills needed to support their use of the iPad in our 1:1 classrooms. These skills are defined by International Society for Technology in Education and align with the state of Massachusetts, and include:

  • creativity and innovation
  • communication and collaboration
  • research and information fluency
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving and decision making
  • digital citizenship
  • technology operations and concepts

Google Apps for Education encourage an integrated and collaborative learning experience in the classroom. Mindfulness about digital citizenship involves creating a digital footprint that will serve our students beyond commencement.

Virtual High School

Cardinal Spellman High School is a member of the Virtual High School Collaborative, an online learning community for secondary students. To learn more about Virtual High School, visit