Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student make an appointment with their guidance counselor?

We encourage email communication between students and their guidance counselors.

Additionally, students may request an appointment with their Guidance Counselor by coming to the Guidance Office either before or after school. Students will be given a pass for their next available study period.

How can a parent/guardian monitor progress reports for their child?

Parents have direct access to their child's progress at any time through the Parent Plus Portal. Once the account is activated, progress reports are not needed.

What is the procedure if my child's schedule requires changing?

Course changes are not readily granted. However, if a student has been incorrectly placed in a level or course, the school will make the necessary change upon request of the student’s teacher and/or counselor and with the approval of the parent. Please see pages 11-12 of the student/parent handbook for the steps that must be followed to request a schedule change.

How can my child receive peer tutoring?

Any student who wishes to receive peer tutoring should see his or her guidance counselor for a Request for Tutor Form. The form asks for specific information that aids the counselor in assigning the proper tutor. While we do our best to find a tutoring match, we cannot always guarantee we will be successful. In the meantime, students should work with their subject teacher for extra assistance.

What if my child has a learning disability?

Because Cardinal Spellman is a private high school, we are not equipped with such resources as Individual Education Plans, 504 Accommodation Plans, special education teachers, aids, resource room, etc. However, all of our teachers are willing to make any accommodations they are able. Please contact your son/daughter’s guidance counselor if you have questions or concerns regarding any type of learning disability.

What should students be doing each year to prepare for college?

During each year of high school, students should do their best work in the most appropriate course level. Students should also involve themselves in clubs, organizations and/or sports of interest. It is particularly important for students in the junior year to explore, research and visit colleges of interest. Each student will be seen individually by his/her counselor to encourage this type of exploration.

How can I request homework for my child if he/she has been ill?

Homework should always be available on the Parent Plus Portal. However, if a student is absent for five or more consecutive days, a request for homework assignments will be granted. Parents should contact the appropriate guidance counselor to make such a request.

How does a student obtain a work permit?

A student wishing to obtain a work permit should see Mrs. O'Hearn in the Guidance Office. She will give the student the appropriate contact information for obtaining a work permit in his or her town.