Ministry and Service

Campus Ministry Staff

Deacon Joseph T. Nickley, Chaplain

Mr. Jason Deramo, Director of Campus Ministry

Mrs. Catherine Demers, Theology Department Chair

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The Campus Ministry Department works in conjunction with the Theology Department to ensure that the spiritual formation of all members of the Cardinal Spellman community is both inviting and respectful of each person’s faith tradition and personal experience.

Students are encouraged to integrate religious academic study with their daily lives, to be role models to others, to participate in prayer and worship services, to make good moral choices and to reach out in service to others.

Along with the Campus Ministry team, our seniors are co-workers in the vineyard. Their Theology classes are set up to give all students an experience of church ministry. Our students run retreats, lead Adoration and other liturgical services. They advocate for life, do outreach in the local community and beyond, set up prayer according to the liturgical calendar for each school day and witness to our faith through social media.

The campus ministry team is available to pray and meet with students and staff throughout the school day. We can also be reached via phone or email to accept prayer requests from our families and alumni as well.

Freshman Year: To Know God the Father

Theme: “Made In His Image”

Scripture: Genesis 1:27

Emphasis: Personal Dignity

Freshman year students will be introduced to Christian service. It begins with recognizing the dignity of each person as made in God’s likeness and image. Students will be given the opportunity to serve their new school community (service/charity starts at home) with modeling/guidance from faculty. Assisting at Open House, Phone-A-Thon and Drama Productions.

  • Thanksgiving bread baking project
  • Fall/Winter clean ups or spring preparation of Garden of Reflection
  • Possibility of service project created and carried out by individual religion classes

Additional Freshmen Service Opportunities: D.C. March for Life, Appalachian Service Project

Sophomore Year: To Love God the Son

Theme: “The Ministry IS the Minister”

Scripture: John 13:1-17

Emphasis: The right spirit and attitude of Christian Service

Sophomore year students will be given service experiences that will introduce them to service in our local communities, which we call the Christian Service Project.

  • The entire Sophomore class will participate in a day of service in the spring.
    • Local sites include nursing homes, food pantries, Parish churches, Meals-On-Wheels, My Brother's Keeper, etc.
  • Guided discussions on service experience to follow each service session.

Additional Sophomore Service Opportunities: D.C. March for Life, Appalachian Service Project

Junior Year: To Serve God the Holy Spirit

Theme: “Mercy without Distinction”

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Emphasis: Sacrificing of self to serve

  • examining my gifts to give
  • service involves sacrifice/commitment
  • challenging myself to serve outside of my comfort zone

The entire junior class will participate in a day-long service experience in the fall. Students will be broken up by religion classes where they will find a need in the local community. They will be challenged to design a group service project to address this need. They will be required to educate themselves and others in a professional presentation.

Additional Junior Service Opportunities: D.C. March for Life, International Mission Trip (Organization: Mustard Seed)

Senior Year: To Lead - Evangelization!

Theme: Proclaiming the Good News

Scripture: Mark 16:15

Emphasis: Building the Kingdom of God by developing Ministry skills used at Spellman and beyond

Senior year Ministry focuses on developing and sharpening skills to serve Spellman, the local community and parishes. Offering to be of service to these communities answers the Gospel's call to serve. There is no better way to see if we have adequately prepared our students to be effective ministers in the Church than to send them forth to serve. Our Senior ministers are the heart and soul of service in the Spellman community; taking on leadership roles in every aspect of the spiritual life at Spellman.

Additional Senior Service Opportunities: D.C. March for Life, International Mission Trip (Organization: Mustard Seed)