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Technology Information

Student Responsible Use of Technology Policy

Student Responsible Use of Technology Policy

(Revised July, 2018)

Cardinal Spellman High School (CSHS) uses instructional technology as one way of enhancing our mission to teach the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global community. Students learn collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking in a variety of ways throughout the school day. In an effort to increase access to those 21st Century skills, CSHS will allow personal devices on our WiFi wireless network and school grounds for students who follow the responsibilities stated in the Acceptable Use Policy and the attached guidelines regarding B.Y.O.I program. Click here to read the entire policy.

Internet and Cyber Use Safety

Bring Your Own iPad

Cardinal Spellman High School (CSHS) believes that students’ ability to effectively use
technology is essential for success in the world today. Over the last few years, Cardinal
Spellman High School has provided over 700+ iPads for classroom instruction. Since 2016, CSHS
has also explored bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives by allowing students to use their
personally owned technology for educational purposes on our wireless network. In response,
CSHS's Technology Advisory Committee met throughout this school year to develop policies and
procedures that will allow students to bring more of these devices into the classroom. The
result is CSHS’s Bring Your Own iPad (BYOI) program. This document will outline the most
commonly asked questions regarding the program.

1. What is BYO iPad?
a. Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad is a program where students may bring personally
owned iPad for use on the student wireless network at school. Participating
students will be provided a standard set of educational iPad apps on their own
personal iPad.
2. What will my student be doing with the iPad?
a. Students will use their iPads to access and evaluate a variety of informational
resources, explore content in engaging ways, inspire creativity, productivity and
innovation, communicate and collaborate, extend learning beyond the
classroom and workplace, and contribute to society as responsible digital
3. What is an acceptable device for BYOiPad?
a. For management, security, and equivalent classroom experiences, iPads must be
able to support iOS 11.0 or newer. A new iPad is recommended (see Apple iPad
website link: Devices must also have at least
32GB of storage. Apple’s $329, 32GB iPad is the CSHS’s recommended minimal
standard classroom device configuration. Due to security and capacity, older
iPad devices unable to support iOS 11.0 and subsequent updates will not be
supported at school.
4. If I don’t already own an iPad for my student, what purchasing options exist?
a. iPads can be purchased from Apple, Best Buy, Amazon or many other electronics
vendors. Additional insurance protection plan such as Apple’s AppleCare option
($99 - is highly
5. Why are you only allowing iPads? Why can’t my student bring a laptop or cell phone?
a. As the first school implemented iPad under the Boston Archdiocese schools over
five years ago, CSHS currently experienced tremendous success using iPad as
student device for teaching and learning tool. Many CSHS teachers also have
already received iPad training connected to powerful instructional strategies for
implementing curriculum and lesson planning standards. iPads and these
strategies are also being successfully implemented in all departments across
CSHS, providing opportunities for students to refine skills across grade levels and
teachers to collaborate on best practices. Furthermore, the security and
management of the iPad were most efficient and effective. For all of these
reasons and more, CSHS aims to leverage students’ access to personally owned
iPads to further extend powerful learning experiences.
6. May my student use the iPad in all classes?
a. We encourage students to use their iPad in all classes for academic purposes.
However, it is always the teacher’s discretion when and how iPads may be used
in the classroom.
7. What if my student loses or damages the iPad?
a. In accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy in the CSHS Student Handbook,
students bring personally owned electronic devices on campus at their own risk,
just like any personal item. CSHS is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged
property. Students should keep personal iPads in a rugged protective case at all
times and enable Find My iPad through iCloud. Parents are also encouraged to
enable parental restrictions in iPad settings (Settings > General > Restrictions).
8. When students bring personal iPads on to campus, will the Internet be filtered?
a. In compliance with State and federal laws, students will connect to a protected
and filtered CSHS wireless network while on campus. However, we cannot
control what is accessed or loaded on personal iPads at home. Consequently,
parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their students’ Internet activities
and technology use at home.
9. Can students use their own 3G/4G LTE Internet or tether devices to a 3G/4G LTE

a. No. It is absolutely required that students use the school's filtered wireless in
compliance with the Children’s Internet Protections Act (CIPA) and as stated in
the Acceptable Use Policy section of student handbook. Students will be
required to turn off cellular data and disable any “VPN” or “Proxy” app while on
campus and connect their device to the secure CSHS wireless network. Using the
school wifi will also eliminate unnecessary data charges.
10. What content may students bring on iPads?
a. Students may only bring an iPad that contains school-appropriate content.
Inappropriate content or actions that violate the Acceptable Use Policy or
classroom policy may result in disciplinary action. In such cases, personal devices
may be confiscated.
11. Will my student be required to share his/her iPad with other students?
a. A student should never share a personally owned iPad with another person.
12. What iPad apps will my student need?
a. Participating students will receive the same apps that are provided on
school-owned iPads. Such apps may include Memos, iMovie, Keynote, Pages,
Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Mail and more. Much like textbooks,
required apps will be communicated to the students by their teachers and school
administrator. With parental discretion, students may still install their own
personal apps on a personal device.
13. How does BYO iPad work?
a. Once the student account is activated, students will use their school provide
credentials to login to the wireless network. Detailed instructions will be
provided at the new student orientation and or before any new school year
14. Who can I contact if I have any additional questions or concerns?
a. Visit the CSHS website for updated information or contact any member of our
team with questions or concerns:

Paul Kelly, Principal, 508-583-6875