Pathways to Afford Spellman

Affording Spellman

The National Association of Independent Schools published that the median tuition for day students is $26,866 per year and Private School Review published the average private high school tuition in Massachusetts is $37,086 per year. Tuition to attend Cardinal Spellman High School for the 2024-2025 school year is $18,650, while the cost to educate each student exceeds what we charge for tuition. We are committed to keeping the cost of tuition as affordable as possible for the students and families we serve. Our development team is charged with raising funds to help offset the cost of educating our students. In addition to keeping the cost of tuition down only through the generosity of alumni, foundations, donors, and friends of Spellman are we able to offer nearly 3 million dollars in tuition assistance each year. The assistance includes need-based financial aid based on a family's finances and merit scholarships based on academic and overall success in middle school.

While some families can easily afford tuition, many must make personal spending sacrifices, consider other options, or rely on the generosity of donors to defray tuition costs. Our goal is to enroll the best and brightest students on the South Shore of Boston, students who want and will benefit from a Spellman education and will enhance our school community. With that in mind, we are committed to helping families find creative, manageable ways to pay for their child's education. Here are some ways to make it work for you.

Tuition Payment Plans

If paying an entire year's tuition upfront seems inconceivable, consider taking advantage of a school's established payment plans that make tuition easier to budget. Many families opt to enroll in a payment plan, spreading tuition costs over either 3, 10 or 12 months. Click here for more information.

Financial Aid

Not every family can easily afford the full cost of tuition, which is why we offer need-based financial aid based on a family's income, assets, debts, and number of children. We partner with FACTS, an independent financial aid assessment platform, to provide our financial aid committee with a need analysis. FACTS needs analysis will be based on tax documentation, proof of income, and supporting evidence. You will have an opportunity to write about circumstances that may or may not be reflected in your financial documentation. Click here to apply. Award letters are emailed to new applicants the first week of February. If the deadline is missed, a decision will be made and announced to the applicant 4-6 weeks after completing an application.

Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen based on transcripts from their previous middle school. The High School Placement test, standardized test scores, and grades are all used by our committee to determine the level of the merit scholarship award using a holistic approach. We want to recognize and reward students for their hard work and track record of academic achievement! This award does not require an application; the admission committee makes decisions during the admissions decision-making process and all applicants are considered. Recipients would be notified at the same time they receive a letter of acceptance.

Private Scholarships

Most scholarships available to Spellman students are based on financial need and therefore, part of the above-mentioned financial aid packages. The foundation and donors make gifts to Spellman, allowing the school's financial aid committee to identify candidates who meet the scholarship criteria. We do have select scholarships that are not need-based, which include: The Evelyn Reilly Service Scholarship and The Rose Fund for veterans and active duty military. For more information on these scholarships, you can contact the Admissions Office.

529 Plan

529 Plan funds can also be used to pay for private high schools.

Extended Family Assistance

Extended family members can sometimes assist with the cost of tuition. Relatives who already spend money on your children for birthdays and other fun experiences might help defray the cost of an opportunity to attend a private school. Consider requesting that this money be directed toward providing a life-changing opportunity for their young relative -- a Spellman education.

Tuition Loans

If a family is in the right financial space to take on long-term debt, private school tuition loans can be a saving grace. Parents must apply directly to the lender; the loan amount and interest rate will depend on the lender's credit requirements. Generally, the terms on tuition loans are more favorable than car loans and mortgages, but can depend on the applicant's credit score.