Transfer Students

Read about Jack's transfer experience:

"My name is Jack Tobin and I am a member of the Spellman class of 2018. I transferred into Spellman in the fall of my junior year. When I decided to transfer to the school I kept hearing all these rumors and whisperings about “The Spellman Family” and “The Spellman Way”. I heard how the school and its students were accepting and supportive of everyone and how anyone could do anything they wanted to do and be anything they wanted to be. Originally I thought that it was just too good to be true and that it was just the school trying to sell itself to new kids. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything I’d heard about the school was true. When I came on the first day I was welcomed with open arms by the entire school community. My teachers genuinely cared about me and made an effort to get to know me, my peers came right up to me and took me in like I’d been there since the first day of freshmen year. Everyone at Spellman is so accepting and open about everything that people feel comfortable to be who they really are and do what they want. I had come from a school where you either do sports or the arts and there was no real in between. At Spellman, everyone participates in everything that’s going on. Kids will go to practice for a sport and immediately after, walk back to the school to go to rehearsal for the school musical or play. I myself would go from lacrosse practice to go inside to play a leading role in our last musical. Even if people don’t participate in the activity they’ll come to watch and support their classmates. The 'Cardinal Crazies' go to all the big sports games, and everyone comes to see the shows and musicals. Transferring into Spellman I never thought I’d become so involved in so much, I even managed to win the title of Mr. Spellman 2018 in the big competition. Coming here taught me so much about what family is truly about, not only my family at school but with my family at home. I was always close with my family but the religion department taught me what it meant to be thankful for what I have and to be grateful for what God has given to me. I feel so blessed to have gone here and I’m so thankful for what Spellman has done for me and I’m proud of the mark I’ve left on the school. Spellman really is a family and I will always think of it as my family."

If you are interested in transferring to Cardinal Spellman during the school year, please call the Admissions Office
at 508-583-6161.

Procedures for Transfer Admissions

The following steps should be followed pursuing admission to Cardinal Spellman High School for the upcoming school year:

Please mail all forms to:

Cardinal Spellman High School
Admissions Office
738 Court Street
Brockton, MA 02302

1. Submit a completed Application for Admission online.

2. Submit a copy of your latest Report Card. It will be reviewed to see if your courses are compatible with Spellman's curriculum. If it appears that courses are fine - and if there is room in classes for you to be considered, the next step would be to submit a Transcript form. Bring the Transcript Request, signed by your parent/guardian to your present school counselor. Request that a copy of your secondary school record to date be sent to Cardinal Spellman High School. (This secondary transcript record should include courses taken and grades received, standardized testing results, attendance record, and discipline report).

3. Submit a Letter of Recommendation. Ask your present guidance counselor, teacher or your principal to write a short letter of recommendation attesting to your good conduct/citizenship record and certifying his/her belief that you would be a suitable candidate for admission to Cardinal Spellman High School.

4. When all of these materials have been received, assuming you have met the transfer admissions requirements, you will be contacted to make arrangements for an opportunity for an interview.

Criteria for Transfer Admissions

  1. Enrollment in a college-preparatory program
  2. Satisfactory scholastic and attendance record to date
  3. Good citizenship/conduct record to date