Transfer Students

If you are interested in transferring to Cardinal Spellman, please call the Admissions Office at 508-583-6161 or email

Procedures for Transfer Admissions

The following steps should be followed pursuing admission to Cardinal Spellman High School for the upcoming school year:

1. Submit a completed Application for Admission online.

2. Submit a copy of your latest Report Card and submit a Transcript Request. It will be reviewed to see if your courses are compatible with Spellman's curriculum.

3. Submit a Letter of Recommendation.

4. When all of these materials have been received, assuming you have met the transfer admissions requirements, you will be contacted to make arrangements for an opportunity for an interview.

Criteria for Transfer Admissions

  1. Enrollment in a college-preparatory program
  2. Satisfactory scholastic and attendance record to date
  3. Good citizenship/conduct record to date