Athletic Training

Mrs. Danielle Jacobs serves Spellman athletes as our full-time athletic trainer.
Please contact her with questions at 508-583-6875 x 7937.

Concussion Awareness Policy

Cardinal Spellman High School recognizes that head injuries sometimes occur during athletic participation. It is important that Athletic Administration, coaches, parents and student athletes are aware of the signs and symptoms of a concussion. The athletic trainer should be made aware of any head injury. The MIAA and state requirements have helped form our own guidelines and protocol regarding concussion awareness. After viewing one of the websites listed below and taking the concussion test, all parties listed above will have a better understanding of what a concussion is and will help in recognizing the signs and symptoms.

According to Massachusetts General Law 111 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive of Health and Human Services now requires that all high school subject to MIAA rules comply with new head injury and concussion management Guidelines

All student athletes and one parent/guardian must complete a free state approved online concussion awareness training course each year. This is a prerequisite to athletic participation. A copy of the certificate issued upon course completion will be required from each student-athlete and one parent/guardian in order for the student to participate in any sport at Cardinal Spellman High School. Student athletes may turn in their and their parent/guardian certificate when checking in for the first day of tryouts. There are two Massachusetts State approved online courses with resources for concussion awareness. In addition to written materials, video and coaching resources, The National Federation of State High School Association offer the free online concussion training course and certificate at NFHS Online Concussion Course. The link may be found in the coaching course area, requires a brief registration and will take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, but is free and available to all students and parents. The state also offers a free online concussion course CDC Concussion Course.