Rooted. Growing. Thriving.

The Campaign for
Cardinal Spellman High School

Spellman’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, Rooted in Tradition, Prepared for the Future, lays out a case for the next decade by articulating two major objectives for the growth of Cardinal Spellman High School. First, for all of our sports teams to be competing on campus in the foreseeable future as well recommitting our school to access and affordability through the growth of our endowed scholarship fund. 

In 2019, supported by our board, alumni, and passionate donors Cardinal Spellman launched its first Capital Campaign in school history, The Campaign for Cardinal Spellman High SchoolRooted. Growing. Thriving. This campaign is a celebration of where we have been, our roots, and a recognition of the challenges we currently face in order to continue to grow, and finally, it is a declaration of a bright future ahead!

Now in 2021, as we near the finish line of our three-year, Rooted. Growing. Thriving. campaign, we are humbled and encouraged by the show of support by so many of our generous alumni who have stepped up to meet the challenge of philanthropic support for Cardinal Spellman. We have seen the number of donors tripled since our Board Chair and Chair Emeritus, Kevin Kelley and Barry Cosgrove, issued the Pillars of Spellman Matching Challenge and we are looking forward to an amazing show of support in our final year of the campaign. 

Since our founding in 1958, Cardinal Spellman High School has grown and improved our campus to match the needs of our students. We have been a part of the fabric of the south shore of Boston for the last 63 years and plan to be here for many more. There are three major challenges facing Spellman today, access, affordability, and an athletic competitive edge! Part of this campaign is designed to support the necessary upgrades to athletic facilities that we have already begun with the addition of our new 100,000 square-foot multi-sport turf athletic complex, while another part of the campaign supports the growth of artistic and academic scholarships through our endowment. We believe the Campaign for Cardinal Spellman High School: Rooted. Growing. Thriving. is much more than a campaign, it is a strategic approach to building an ever-stronger Spellman legacy for generations to come Please consider a gift to the campaign as we enter now the final year!