Endowment – Access to Greatness

Keeping Spellman affordable for all qualified students—no matter what their family’s economic circumstances—is an overriding priority for Spellman. Why? Because from the beginning, inclusiveness has been a central value of our school. And because a diverse student body, fully reflective of the vibrant and challenging world around us, is one of our great strengths.

Each year, it gets more difficult to embrace that tradition. More than half of the young people who gain admission to Spellman can’t afford it without assistance. Throughout our history, Spellman has remained committed to ensuring that qualified students have the opportunity to reap the benefits of a Spellman education. Now, more than ever, with increasing costs, the need for scholarships for tuition assistance for deserving students becomes even more critical.

The young men and women of Spellman would not be able to experience a Catholic education without scholarship. Support of our donors helps to deliver our promise to inspire students to maximize their unique potential as learners and leaders, serving their community, their church and the world. Through that inspiration, our hope is that one day these students will also give back as they remember those generous and caring people, who give unselfishly to help provide them with a Spellman education.