At Cardinal Spellman, we believe in the power and importance of the Fine Arts. To that end, we provide early exposure and opportunities in several areas of the Fine Arts including Visual Arts, Music and Theatre. All freshmen are required to take one course in the Fine Arts that will meet twice a cycle. We make every effort to schedule each freshmen in the Fine Arts course of their choice, whenever possible.

Fundamentals of VISUAL ARTS

This visual arts course will provide a general overview of the arts for the purpose of exposure and appreciation, encouraging future participation in the Fine Arts program at Cardinal Spellman. This course will include an introduction to the Elements and Principles of Design, basic techniques of visual arts media and art history. Students will work with a variety of materials to build skills, knowledge, and explore concepts in a visual format, while learning how to produce and evaluate their artwork. Areas of study include drawing, painting, color theory, computer arts, and sculpture. The 21st Century Skills and interdisciplinary connections will be incorporated in all areas of study.

Fundamentals of THEATER ARTS

This course is designed for students who love theatre. The course will study theater from a historical, technical, and practical perspective. Warm-ups, theater games, the study of different acting styles, script analysis, and in-class performances are all components of this course.

Fundamentals of MUSIC

The course is designed to increase the students’ love and appreciation for the power of music in our lives. As this is an enrichment course, topics will cover a broad-base of musical elements, ranging from music theory to music history, music appreciation, to music performance, with an underlying analysis of how music is the most powerful universal language. The content will explore a variety of musical styles including Classical, Rock & Roll, Musical Theatre, Movie Music to better understand the influence of music in any given culture. The course will incorporate a “hands-on” approach to creating music, using the innate musical gifts and talents of the individual and collective abilities of the actual students enrolled in the class.

Fundamentals of DANCE

This course is designed to introduce students to the general history of Western concert dance, including ballet, modern, and jazz/musical theatre. Readings, presentations, lectures, and video-recorded performances will be used to focus class discussions on various artists and the cultural impact of dance. Beginning with ancient movement and continuing to contemporary concert and theatre dance, students will work to understand and appreciate the significance of dance as a cultural tradition, performance art, and expression of the human experience. In class, students will analyze and discuss dance performances, practice fundamental dance movements, and participate in collaborative dance projects.

We will make every effort to give you your first choice but please rank your options 1-4 (with 1 being your first choice).