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*If you would like to pay by Venmo, please send the amount owed to @CardinalSpellman1958. Make sure to include the student's name and include 'Parking Permit' in the subject line.

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I have read and understand the MOTOR VEHICLE REGULATIONS as stated in the Student Handbook.

I understand that any violation of the driving and/or parking regulations will result in the suspension of said driving and/or parking privileges.

A current CSHS parking permit should be displayed at all times when this vehicle is parked on campus.

The permit should be displayed on the lower left corner of the front windshield.

Located off of Quincy Street. It is the Brockton Hospital Satellite Parking Lot. The Driveway is directly after the Mary E. Baker School on the same side. Pull all the way to the back of the lot. Follow the speed limit and be careful driving. This lot is gifted to us and we do not want to lose it because of reckless driving.

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