Faculty Stories

Mr. Jason Deramo
Religion Teacher
Campus Ministry Team Member

"The students, community, and atmosphere are what I love most about being a Spellman teacher. The student we have are authentic, caring, and truly pleasant to be around. Being able to be part of their lives is one of the biggest joys of my life. My favorite projects for seniors are the Blood Drives, Veteran's Day Prayer Service, and the upperclassman retreats. For my juniors, it has got to be the every day discussions we have about faith in every day life, especially when it comes to issues of morality. Spellman is a place that remains with people after graduation. The alumni community is still present and proud of being an alum of the school. They are there to assist if needed and continue to be an inspiration even after graduation."

Mr. Timothy Gannon
English Teacher
Moderator: Symphonium, Spellman's A Capella Group

"I enjoy being a Spellman teacher because there is a spirit in this building that is comforting, accepting, and nurturing for our students. Instead of being lost in a crowded sea of faces, we try our hardest to pay close attention to everyone individually, approaching each student as a whole person and not just a passerby. I love working at Spellman for that - the commitment to forming a community of individual persons, not just a nameless graduate.

My favorite project is The 21st Century Gatsby. The project consists of re-telling The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzegerald through the eyes of different cahracters using a selcetion of social media. For instance, Nick uses Facebook because he's a wordsmith, Tom uses Twitter because he believes his every thought to be gold, and Daisy uses Instagram because she doesn't have it in her to be concerned with words at all. The project is a critique and analysis of The Great Gatsby, but it's also about the evolution of American society - are we any different today than we were 100 years ago?"

Ms. Natalie Woods '12
Religion Teacher

"I love being a Spellman teacher because I had the best experience as a student here, and was inspired by my teachers and the Holy Spirit to teach religion to make sure that the Spellman spirit is continued on to as many students as I am blessed to have in the future. Spellman really is a family in every sense, and I am so proud and excited to be a part of it."