Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

Cardinal Spellman High School now uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment as the school's financial aid partner. In order to be considered for financial aid, incoming freshmen families must apply on or before January 1, 2018. For returning families, the deadline to reapply for financial aid is February 16, 2018. However, late applications will be reviewed and awards will be made as funds remain available. Our School Code is: 2953.


Once an online application has been completed, the following information will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process:

  • Copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.
  • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Child Support, and Workers’ Compensation.

All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online.

Documentation can also be faxed to 866-315-9264 or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

P.O. Box 82524

Lincoln, NE68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.


Cardinal Spellman High School's basic tuition rate for the 2017 - 2018 academic year is $12,950. The Board of Trustees is committed to keeping Spellman's tuition rate affordable at $12,950. Spellman is a tremendous educational value given the excellence of our programs, the high caliber and dedication of our faculty and staff, our reasonable class size and the quality and accomplishments of our students.

Spellman uses SMART Tuition for collection of tuition and fees.
All new parents must register with SMART tuition for each school year here.

Current parents can view their accounts here.
The school code is: 11911.

Discount to families with more than one student at Spellman:
First student's tuition will be $12,950.00
Second student's tuition will be $11,950
Third student's tuition will be $11,450

We offer three payment plans for tuition with automatic deductions from your bank account.

Plan A - Payment in full before June 30

Payment in full before June 30

Balance paid to Spellman or through SMART Tuition on/before June 20 entitles family to an early payment discount of $200.00.

No discount after July 1

Plan B - Three payments

Three payments

Service charge of $50.00

$4,316.66 paid through SMART Tuition or at Spellman by July 1

$4,316.66 paid through SMART Tuition or at Spellman by November 1

$4,316.66 paid through SMART Tuition or at Spellman by March 1

Late payments after 20 days for each payment will incur a $30.00 late charge

Plan C - Ten monthly payments

Ten monthly payments

Service charge of $100.00

10 equal payments of $1,295.00 starting in July and ending in April.

School Fees

The following information is for the 2017-2018 school year.

Comprehensive Fee: ($175.00) All students; due with first tuition payment in July; for activities; testing and retreat programs; Internet access; class dues; publications and mailings.

Graduation Fees: ($250.00) Seniors only; due with first tuition payment in July; for yearbook and ceremonial graduation related expenses.

Registration Fees:

*Registration Fee: ($300.00) All new students (including transfer students) due at time of registration.

*Re-Registration ($200.00) All returning students due the first week of April.

Technology Fees:

Technology Fees $300.00 for all new students (including transfer students)(includes $30 iPad cover). Due June 1, 2017. The fee for returning students is $280.00.

Technology Fee covers the annual lease of an iPad and the Apple Care+ warranty, purchase and upkeep of classroom technologies, management software and hidden costs to ensure high-speed internet and a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

All registration fees are non refundable.

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