Picture of crucifix against a blue stained-glass window


A Case for Support 

Spellman is certainly rooted in tradition, from the Sisters of Saint Joseph to annual Spring musicals, we are supportehttps://www.spellman.com/fs/form-manager/view/c67fd258-e3f4-4e13-bb40-1f03804898d1d by a storied lineage of liturgy and legacy of which you are all now a steward. At the same time, we are looking to the future, to envision all that Spellman will become over the next five…ten…fifty years! It is a vision of unwavering hope and singular optimism that will be outlined in our next strategic plan that we will launch in 2024. You have been part of this legacy and tradition, and you are part of the unwavering hope for the future as well.

We have a slogan you may have noticed in some of our literature and correspondence. We are Spellman because you are Spellman. This, the slogan for our annual fund transcends the development office and reaches back to grasp all of those who went before and thank them sincerely for making Spellman what it is today. It also extends an invitation to be part of the future of Spellman for those students who experience Spellman today and for the many yet to come. Please consider giving  to Cardinal Spellman High School  in support of our annual fund, because we are, in fact, truly only Spellman, because YOU are Spellman.



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