Throughout our history, Spellman has remained committed to ensuring that qualified students have the opportunity to reap the benefits of a Spellman education. Now, more than ever, with increasing costs, the need for scholarships for tuition assistance for deserving students becomes even more critical.

To add to an existing scholarship or endowed fund, or to establish a new named fund, please contact Director of Institutional Advancement, Aimee Wetzel at awetzel@spellman.com or call 508-584-3004.


Bernice B. Powers Scholarship

The Brendan K. Gillette Memorial Scholarship

The Brophy Family Endowed Scholarship

Carlos E. Campos Endowed Scholarship

Condangelo Family Scholarship

Condon Family Scholarship

Dale Shores Memorial Scholarship

Danny and Nancy Parcels Scholarship

David A. C. Flanagan Endowed Memorial Scholarship

David Morrison Endowed Scholarship

Debbie Broderick Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The Edward J. and Katherine A. Waitt Family Endowed Scholarship

Evelyn Reilly Community Service Endowed Scholarship

The Grenier Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Jack and Bill Sears '89 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

James J. Brady Memorial Scholarship

James S. Castagnozzi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Janet Nickley Madigan Memorial Scholarship

Joey Glynn Memorial Scholarship

The Joseph T. Nickley, Sr. Scholarship

John F. Altieri Endowed Memorial Scholarship for the Arts

John F. McEwan Endowed Memorial Scholarship

John, Ruth and Susan Bailey Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Kelley Family Endowed Scholarship

Kelly Ann Boyd Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Leo F. Ryan Endowed Scholarship

Lindsay A. Curtin Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Lois C. Dunlap Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Manuel J. Amaral Service Scholarship

Marion L. Cosgrove Scholarship

Mark Richard Creedon Memorial Scholarship

Mary Beth Kearney Barnes Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Mary Lucey Endowed Scholarship

Michael J. Ahearn Memorial Scholarship

Mona Spillane Zander Endowed Scholarship

Paul McLaughlin Scholarship

Paull Family Scholarship

The Rev. William F., Dorothy R., Mary J. Donovan and John F. & Helen M. Sheehan Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Emily Dillis Endowed Scholarship

Ryan Patrick Murphy Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Sarkis and Martha Nalbandian Memorial Scholarship

Sisters of Saint Joseph Endowed Scholarship

Sr. Basil Murphy, CSJ Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Sr. Claire Browne, CSJ Endowed Scholarship

Sr. Thomasine Knowlton, CSJ Endowed Scholarship

The Stephen and Carol Cassiani Scholarship

The Julian T. Peebles Endowed Scholarship

Thomas P. Kennedy Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Create a Scholarship

Named scholarships may be established in a person’s name and convey a specific intent of the scholarship; e.g. The Roger Smith Scholarship for Fine Arts. Specific criteria and means of funding can be tailored to meet the desires of the donor and the legal and academic requirements of Spellman.

If you wish to fund a scholarship at Cardinal Spellman High School, you may do so by an outright gift of cash or other assets or by a deferred gift. A donor can build an endowed scholarship through multiple gifts over a period of time. Sometimes, fulfillment of the scholarship is ensured through a bequest. Please contact the Director of Institutional Advancement, Aimee Wetzel, at awetzel@spellman.com or 508-584-3004 for more information.

You may donate online, or send your donation to:
The Scholarship Fund at Cardinal Spellman High School
738 Court Street, Brockton, MA 02302

Benefit of a Scholarship

For a Student:

Scholarships keep the dream of a Spellman education within reach for our talented students who may not have otherwise had the opportunity.

For the Donor:

An endowed scholarship is a tribute to a donor’s generosity, care and foresight, and it allows the donor to have a lasting impact on Cardinal Spellman High School.