The Fund for Spellman

So much has changed in the lives of our students in the 2020-21 school year. The global pandemic has led to moments of anxiety, worries and uncertainty for all of us. While our doors have remained open and students are attending in-person learning, we call upon you to ensure that Spellman remains a place of consistency, strength and certainty for all. The Fund for Spellman is the primary way for alumni, parents, and friends to support our school. By providing current use operating revenue, the Fund for Spellman increases the school’s ability to seize new opportunities. In lieu of our annual alumni Phonathon this year, our students have personalized these ask letters with the hope that you will consider supporting Spellman in a number of ways:

COVID-19 Readiness: From PPE to technology and training for distance learning, COVID-19 readiness ensures a safe and robust educational experience, wherever learning takes place.

Facilities: Spellman’s facilities consist of roughly 750,000 square feet of learning and living space on 40 acres of land. Building improvements and cutting-edge equipment installations ensure Spellman’s physical spaces match the excellence of our curriculum.

Faculty: Committed, inspiring, and experienced faculty are Spellman’s greatest asset. Gifts to The Fund for Spellman provide necessary professional development, curriculum innovation, and compensation funds, enabling teachers to excel at their craft.

Financial Aid: Providing tuition assistance to families in need allows us to enroll all qualified candidates who in turn bring their strengths to our school community and benefit from the Spellman experience. Financial aid provides tuition assistance and the resources students need to thrive. Additionally, flexible operating funds afford academic leadership the freedom to respond to pressing needs and promising initiatives as they arise throughout the year such as emergency funding during the pandemic due to job loss and illness. 

We look forward to keeping you apprised as to how your gift has made a difference in the lives of our students. Thank you for your consideration and continued support! 

*In order to qualify for Leadership Societies and Loyalty Clubs, donations must be directed toward The Fund for Cardinal Spellman

Thank you for making your gift today to Spellman! Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Cardinal Spellman High School is exempt from federal income tax as an educational institution. For questions about filling out this form or to update a recurring gift please contact